Butterscotch “Cotton” Cupcakes



September 21st marked two fabulous years of marriage with the Hubs. Not that I need an anniversary to remind me, but I’m pretty sure that I’m the luckiest girl ever to have found such an amazing person to share my life with. On our first anniversary last year, we decided to be totally cheesy and get gifts for each other that follow the traditional “rules” (see http://ideas.hallmark.com/anniversary-ideas/anniversary-gifts-by-year). According to Hallmark, 2 years is the “cotton” anniversary.

I racked my brain quite a while before I came up with a way to incorporate cotton into a baked treat for the Hubs. I finally came up with the idea to make a homemade cotton candy topper for cupcakes. I’m not sharing the full recipe here, because there are a few things I’d like to tweak first. However, I’ll share the basic idea and lots of pictures, if anyone is looking for a second anniversary baking idea!

Next year is the “leather” anniversary… that could make for some interesting cupcakes!

Hubs absolutely loves butterscotch, so I decided on a vanilla cupcake with chunks of toffee candy mixed in. The cakes are glazed with a bourbon caramel sauce and then frosted with a butterscotch buttercream. The cotton candy was the fun part. I happen to have a cotton candy machine (yes, I have that much of a sweet tooth!) that lets you spin hard candies  into cotton candy. I used old-fashioned hard butterscotch candy, which produced a really tasty creamy-colored “cotton” for my anniversary cupcakes.

The cotton candy starts out lovely and fluffy, but eventually melts into the caramel for a deliciously sticky mess:)


Everyone needs a cotton candy machine!




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