Sparkling White Chocolate Cranberry Cake



Occasion: I searched and searched online for an idea for a festive Christmas Cake that didn’t involve chocolate, before finally coming across this one at The photos all looked so beautiful, and it’s hard to get much more festive than a cake with “sparkling cranberries.” The cake has a soft vanilla flavor and is glazed with cranberry syrup and filled with a spicy cranberry relish. A rich white chocolate buttercream tops it off.


The cake itself was wonderful and the cranberry relish filling was AMAZING! Unfortunately, the frosting was a bit (ok, way!) too buttery for my taste. I later found another version of this recipe which appears to have a much more reasonable amount of butter. If I make this cake again, I think I’ll try this version instead:


This cake also makes the cutest little cupcakes. The Hubs had to be out of town and stuck in a hotel room on Christmas Day, and was sad about missing our family and this cake. I ended up sending the cake off with the rest of my family, and I took a road trip with these little cuties to go visit my homesick Hubs!


Merry Christmas!

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